During the AfricaCWIC event we had a number of poster presenters, doctoral consortium presenters and a hackathon. Four workshops and two panels were also held. Our keynotes kept our audience captivated and our chairs Bukola Onashoga, Rosemary Quilling and Audrey Mbogho directed the conversation with ease. The ACM-W steering committee with Reyyan Ayfer, Ruth Lennona and Rukiye Altin are grateful to all of our participants from across the globe. Look at some of the wonderful things that happened at AfricaCWIC 2022.

Thank you so much for this amazing conference. It was very insightful and I am inspired to register and become and ACM member and possibly open or join a chapter. Thank you so much to all of you who are making a difference in our beautiful world.

AfricaCWIC 2022 Attendee

Thank you to the over 100 attendees at our first ever AfricaCWIC 2022.

It has been such a successful day. Enjoyed every bit and learnt alot!

Thanks to everyone. Very rewarding to be part of this wonderful event. More power to ACM-W Africa, ACM-W and ACM

Good job Miracle, Melissa and Audrey- A powerhouse of talent 🙂